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Are you frustrated by the difficulties of translating personal development plans into action?



3Steps2Action is a methodology specifically designed to help

management development professionals cement the link between development activities and on-the-job implementation.


If you're like most of our clients, you are focused on aligning individual and business performance.  You have probably been ensuring, for example, that all your training programmes contain action planning sessions, and that your performance management process involves some kind of Personal Development Plan component. Yet you've probably found that all too often, people dont even begin to implement an action plan, let alone complete one. This amounts to a huge opportunity cost for business: substantial money, time and energy is invested with little to show for it.


"Before the workshop I would say I was generally effective 3 days out of 5. Now Id say Im really achieving well on 4 or 5 days out of 5"

Our own research uncovered a number of reasons why this happens.  Here are just three:

  • First, personal development is not seen as important or urgent enough to compete with day-to-day work;

  • Secondly, individuals focus too heavily on areas they feel obliged to develop - motivation is patchy as a result;

  • Thirdly, line managers are not sufficiently engaged in the process to provide effective sponsorship.

The answer lies in using a process which is clear enough to be applied across the organisation, and tailored enough to focus on the challenges each individual faces in making their plans happen.


A new model for development action planning is at the heart of the 3Steps2Action approach. Built around the factors that differentiate effective from ineffective implementation, the model describes a three-step process for creating and executing development plans:

Step 1: Make It RIGHT focused on identifying development needs that are important and significant for both the individual and their organisation.

Step 2: Make it REAL focused on creating tangible, workable plans with clear outcomes and actions.

Step 3: Make it ROUTINE focused on creating energy and urgency around putting plans into day-to-day action; taking the first steps.

At each step individuals are challenged and supported in making sure their development plans are realistic given their own personal style and the organisational environment within which they are operating.


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