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How can 3Steps2Action be used?

We provide three main options for using 3Steps2Action: workshops, consultancy and one-to-one coaching.



The 3Steps2Action workshop is unique in its provision of a menu of structured activities with infinite flexibility; each participant can spend a whole day focused entirely on his or her individual needs, through facilitator coaching, action learning groups, structured reflection using the 3Steps2Action ‘Toolkit’, and practical personalised role play

It was a very adult approach – I liked the fact that ownership was left firmly with us"

 sessions. The reference point for all activities is the 3Steps2Action Checklist: when you can tick every box, your plan is guaranteed to succeed!

  • 1 day workshop – an in-company workshop, with structured prework and post-workshop follow up, that enables individuals to overcome the barriers that are preventing them from implementing their development plans.

  • 1 day action planning – a one-day action planning module that applies the 3Steps2Action process as part of a wider in-company programme or development initiative.

  • 2 day coaches' workshop – a comprehensive workshop-based package that accredits internal or external development coaches with the experience, knowledge and ‘tools’ to use 3Steps2Action in their individual and small group coaching.  The workshop also equips line managers to play a more active role in the development of their people.


Your HR function can use the same critical checkpoints for the business that 3Steps2Action provides to individuals, to help you achieve more with less: more efficient personal development planning and better targeted training and development. We focus on removing barriers to implementation from personal development.

  • Personal Development Process Design – Using our expertise and experience to help you design the development planning components of performance management systems in a way that maximises the chance of effective implementation

  • Training & Development Design – Helping you build the 3Steps2Action methodology into your training and development activities so that they are better targeted and deliver critical business benefits through participants’ post-course actions.

  • Organisational Personal Development Audit – Diagnosing how effective an organisation is in translating development inputs into outputs and providing valuable information that can be used to improve the effective implementation of individual development plans.


We provide one-to-one coaching for key individuals who are encountering blocks in implementing their development plans. We use the 3Steps2Action approach to quickly move individuals into action mode; one session is often all that is needed. We can also offer coaching on a small group basis.  There are two options for setting up our coaching service:

"I feel much more in control. I’m dithering less. I feel like I’ve much more choice about what I’m doing. I feel more positive. Liberated actually!"
  • One-Off Coaching - we provide focused individual or small group coaching sessions as and when needed

  • Coaching 'Surgeries' - inviting individuals to sign up for a personal development coaching slot on an appointment basis, with a 3Steps2Action coach being available in-company on pre-booked dates. Coaching 'surgeries' can be used as a stand-alone activity; as a follow-up to a development programme or other initiative; or embedded within the performance management process (shortly after people's annual performance review & development discussions, for example).



If you would like further information about 3Steps2Action please contact:

Sue Green  +44 (0)118 983 1766   sue@3steps2action.com

Phil Lowe   +44 (0)7961 913 769   phil@3steps2action.com