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The Benefits of 3Steps2Action

Why 3Steps2Action?

There is no shortage of methodologies to help with the different aspects of development planning, whether life-career planning, goal setting or action planning.  Each of these is necessary but insufficient for effective development implementation.  We are not aware of a single model that reflects our understanding of what people actually need to do in order to translate their development plans into action.  3Steps2Action is comprehensive and coherent, incorporating all of the key elements that are required for effectiveness, rather than focusing exclusively on one aspect (e.g. goal setting or follow-through). 

3Steps2Action also meets the need for an interactive, and highly tailored, approach to working with individuals as

"Implementing my plan took a lot of personal courage and the practise I had meant that I knew how to go about it"

 they plan and execute their development. Individuals are able to implement their action plans effectively, because our process delivers:

  • Clarity – about their specific development issues & actions

  • Commitment – to taking action

  • Workable Plans – so that things actually happen and development actions are integrated into day-to-day work.

Individuals achieve these outcomes by following the three steps of the model:

Step 1:  Make It Right –  right for people as individuals and right for their organisations.  This step is focused on enabling individuals to identify development opportunities that are both interesting and motivational for them and significant for their employers.

Step 2:  Make It Real – real for individuals in that they bring their goals to ‘life’, developing a clear picture of what they want to achieve and what will be involved.  This step is focused on enabling individuals to create a tangible, workable plan of action that takes them from where they are now to where they want to be.

Step 3:  Make It ROUTINE – this step is focused on getting people committed to action. It’s all about practical next steps and helping individuals to move into the execution phase with a sense of urgency and purpose.

During each of the 3 steps there is an ongoing focus on working with the reality of individuals’ personal and organisational contexts.  This pragmatic approach significantly increases the likelihood of actions being achieved.


Who will benefit from 3Steps2Action?

Our clients are FTSE 100 organisations who are serious about linking personal development and business effectiveness, and who are frustrated by the poor record of implementation of individual development plans within the business.  3Steps2Action solves this by:

  • Helping key individuals remove the barriers they have faced up till now in making their plans happen

  • Accrediting coaches, mentors and line managers to embed the process within the organisation

  • Developing and/or auditing development programmes to ensure they have the best chance of implementation.

To read more about 3Steps2Action workshop and consultancy options, click here.

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